Cordura® is a special nylon fiber that has many times higher abrasion and tear properties and combines the advantages of natural and synthetic fibers. In the manufacturing process, these fibers are cut and spun again. This creates a ruffled structure that can also be found in natural fibers such as wool or cotton. In contrast to these fibers, Cordura® has a higher abrasion resistance, which means that the material can be subjected to long-term wear and tear without major signs of wear. For this reason, it is often used for outdoor, work and military clothing. Cordura® also benefits from the usual nylon properties: it is water-repellent and dries quickly.

We have had the materials used for the Dreifeder jeans checked by independent laboratories in Switzerland to guarantee that they meet the requirements of the Dreifeder jeans. The abrasion resistance, which indicates how resistant a fabric is, is tested using the Martindale method and given in revolutions. A normal pair of jeans reaches an average of around 50,000 revolutions until the fabric has a defect. We have the material used for the Dreifeder jeans up to 600,000 revolutions have something checked more than 10 x higher value corresponds. Even at this value, there is still no defect.


Children are usually on the move - which means they quickly get warm and sweaty, or they play on the cold floor and get cold legs. Thanks to the COOLMAX® All Season technology, that's all there is to it! The synthetic fiber woven in the denim helps with both heat and cold and always keeps the wearer dry and gives a comfortable fit at a constant temperature. This is ensured by a mixture of structured fibers, which dissipate heat and moisture, and fibers with hollow core, which insulate heat.


If you think of robust and resistant jeans, you usually have the feeling that the fabric is thick, rigid and uncomfortable. But this is not the case at all! Thanks to the elastane content, the Dreifeder jeans are extremely elastic and therefore super comfortable. It is important to us that children can let off steam and are not restricted by clothing, which is why our jeans follow every movement.


The cotton plant is very susceptible to diseases and pests. No other plant-grown plant uses more plant toxins than cotton. Around 75 percent of the cotton used worldwide comes from developing countries, in which farmers often get sick from the use of pesticides and where income is barely enough to survive. In contrast to the conventional cultivation of cotton, genetically modified seeds and the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are dispensed with when cultivating organic cotton. Plant fertilizers and pesticides are used and crop rotation is practiced. This can maintain soil fertility in the growing areas and protect the health of cotton farmers. 

With Dreifeder, we therefore deliberately use organically grown cotton for the cotton content, which is the main component of the fabric used. This is certified according to the Organic Content Standard (OCS) Organic Cotton Blend.