About Dreifeder

Most parents are familiar with the problem: As soon as the children begin to crawl and play on the floor, the wear on pants increases. This means that new trousers have to be bought all the time, which is both time consuming and polluting.

For this reason, we developed the Dreifeder children's jeans. It consists of a resistant Cordura® denim with temperature and moisture regulating Coolmax® All Season fibers and is visually and haptically indistinguishable from normal jeans. The sustainably made in Portugal jeans with organic cotton are the ideal pants for all children.

As a young team, we are aware of the current social, economic and ecological challenges with which consumer behavior and above all the global textile industry are confronted. We want to make a contribution to positive change. We therefore place our sustainability concept first in areas such as material procurement, production standards and many other areas such as climate-neutral shipping.

Dreifeder TEam

Kaspar Schiesser
Founder / CEO

Textiles have always interested me a lot, which is why I specialized in this field and did the Bsc (Hons) in Textile Business Management in Zurich. As a product manager at an international motorcycle clothing company, I had a lot to do with abrasion-resistant and robust materials, which ultimately also led to the idea of children's pants: When I played with my nephew on the floor, I noticed how much he moved while playing and that his pants were almost worn through on the knees. This was the cornerstone for Dreifeder and I am pleased that today I can develop the latest pants with my nephew and two nieces.


David Nüesch
Web developer

Anna Zenhaeuser
Customer support

Gian-Reto Zanetti
Finance / content creator

Milena Trkulya
Shipping AT/DE

why three-spring?

The name Dreifeder is inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "The Three Feathers". In this, a king looks for a suitable successor among his three sons by instructing them to bring him the most beautiful carpet. He throws three feathers into the air, which show the sons the directions. The inconspicuous and underestimated youngster finds a trap door where his feather has fallen and a toad underneath, which conjures up the most beautiful carpet for him. 

Our children's pants don't come from a toad, but they would have convinced the king. Because the Dreifeder jeans differ from other children's pants thanks to countless advantages, the middle feather in the logo has a different color.